Our April 7th Auction was a cracker, and a big thanks to all who Joined in and made it a fun day....... But you're only as good as your last sale... and this next one (May 5th) will be much of the same awesomeness. Total Rare Eclectica..... Don't miss this sale !.... stay Tuned....

A Few items to look forward to in Our March 10th Auction:

  • A Working US Air Force Sextant
  • US Air Force Atomic Bomb Timer from WWII
  • 9 Unopened Mens Colognes as a job Lot - Boss, Mendes, Dolce Gabbana, Lacoste & More
  • Sepik River Tribal Artefacts
  • A Etchmiadzin Cathedral Apostolic Dagger - Rare!
  • Antique Furniture
  • Sporting Artefacts
  • Rare Investment Currency
  • Asian & Oriental Artefacts
  • A collectible lot of 26 Vintage Playboy and Penthouse magazines
  • Rare Books
  • And the list goes On !!


This will be a cracking sale you wont want to miss !!


Please remember folks ..... For all collection, packaging and postage please call Pack & Send Southport, or Mailboxes etc Broadbeach. They can handle most of what we are selling and they will guarantee collection & delivery for all small items.  For Interstate furniture removals call Grace Removals Burleigh, or Mullumbimby Removals, and for Local Gold Coast & Brisbane Collection & Delivery, please enquire with us for suitable local carriers

Finally, a big thank you to all those people that constantly email and call us with their support. We really appreciate it! The over whelming numbers that come out in support, far outweigh the few nuts that drive us to despair 🙂

We look forward to seeing you at our next sale!!!

Kind Regards Dustin, Danielle, and all of us here!



Jack Nichalus & Tiger Woods LE Photo

Our Last Constantine Popov Art Piece - He's Gone to the US

9 Unopened Mens Colognes - Job Lot

A Vintage 26 Mens Magazine Collection

Antique Bleached Chest of Drawers c1910

9.2 carat Aquamarine w/ $13K Valuation

Really?, Where Else Can You Find This Stuff

And When Will You See It Again - Just Buy It

You only regret what you don't buy !!

May 5th Catalogue Coming Soon!