Buying with Danielle Elizabeth Auctions

To buy at a Danielle Elizabeth auction you must first be registered as a bidder. Complete the registration form we have in store anytime during business hours and we will issue you with your unique bidding number to use during an auction to bid. There is no cost involved with registration.

Online Auctions

If you are not local, and bidding online for our auction, when you go to place a bid on an item you will be prompted through to our online registration form. Please just fill out the form with the required details and you will be automatically issued a paddle number and be directed back to the auction to bid. You can then log on any time through the auction period using the same paddle to bid again and indeed bid on other items.

After the Auction

At the completion of the auction you will be emailed a successful bid invoice for you to pay for your purchases. It is important to note that if you bid in rooms there is a 18% (+ GST) buyers premium added to your knock down price, and if you choose to pay your invoice  with a credit card there is a 2% charge on top to cover the merchant fees. Payment by cash, and wire transfer will incur no extra fees..

If you bid Online, you will be charged 29% as your buyers premium, This includes GST and the Fees Invaluable charge on top. Please understand due to all the extra charges we absorb for you to be able use Invaluables Software, Plus their invoicing system, plus the Online merchant services company that charges us more than Commbank, these higher online bidding fees are unavoidable

Once payment is made you will be issued with a collection invoice, and you will need this to collect your items and remove them from the building. If you are using a carrier please inform us of this so we can liase with them to make sure your items are collected efficiently and safely.

We allow five days to collect your purchases unless by prior arrangement, after that You will have forfeited your item and we the auction room will have taken possession of your purchases and they will be available for us to sell at our discretion to pay for storage, handling and paperwork of said abandoned items..

Inside the 5 days… or if you have previously contacted us to make prior arrangements… We will of course assist you and your carriers when required to safely load your items, but we do not take any responsibility for damage. Once the items are knocked down to your bid number liability does transfer to the buyer immediately.

Online Bidding

If you wish to participate in the auction online from the comfort of your couch with glass of wine… we recommend two, you can. Through our online partners Invaluable, our auction is hosted and distributed worldwide so bidders can jump on and bid anywhere in the world.

Once our latest auction catalogue goes on our website you will see the link titled register to bid. click the link, then register to bid and you are ready to go. You will be given a computerized bid paddle and you can click on the bid icon to bid on the items as they come up for sale. To increase your bid just keep clicking the bid icon. you will be notified instantly if you won the item, and then the next item will come up for sale immediately. At the end of the sale if you won some items you will be sent a successful bidder invoice from invaluable. You pay us the balance due and your items will become available to collect.

So In Room Bidding commission 18% (+ GST) + you get free Champagne and Chocolate for attending :)… that is an 11% saving for bidding in rooms.

We Much prefer you to come in rooms and enjoy the show. Otherwise our online bidding service is so good you can buy online, pay your invoice online, book a carrier and we will liase and help load your carrier for delivery to you. You don’t need to leave the house.

Alternatively if you wish to save some fees but cannot attend the auction. You may leave absentee bids with us and we will bid for you on your behalf. This will also have you enjoy the lower auction commission as your bids are not being placed online. Our in rooms absentee bid service is free of charge and saves you 11% over online bidding. You may also request phone bidding (Australia Only) where we call you when the lots you are interested in are coming up and you may bid over the phone as if you are in the room. The only catch is your phone bids must start at $100 or more as we cannot be calling you for bids lower than that.

When you are viewing our sale catalogue, we have found that the server you use can greatly affect your experience and speed. We recommend Google Chrome or firefox, any other server seems to cause problems. And on auction day when our sale is live, you will need to have Flashplayer on your computer to watch us live on the screen, otherwise you will be operating on audio only.

Submit an Absentee Bid

If you will not be available to bid or participate in the live auction you may submit an absentee bid form prior to the auction starting, and we will bid on your behalf up until we meet your maximum bid price as indicated on your absentee bid form.

This form is filled out in our rooms. There is no need to absentee bid if you are online as you can just bid online on the auction during the week prior and that will act as an absentee bid anyway. Your bid price will not be increased unless someone else is out bidding you, then your bids will automatically increase up to your maximum and no further.

When you fill out your form in rooms we must have your contact details, lot number and description of the item you wish to leave a bid on, and the maximum price you are willing to bid to.

We will then start the bidding as low as we can and bid on your behalf. If the item gets sold prior to reaching your maximum you will have won the item, and if it goes over your maximum then another bidder will have won the item.

All absentee bidding is binding and you will be contacted for payment following the completion of the auction.


Terms & Conditions of Every Sale:

  1.  What you are buying is listed in the description of each lot. For example when we have high end Jewellery, some pieces have valuations and some don’t, it depends if the vendor submitted one with their item or not. No (we the auction house) will not be running around getting valuations, we do not own the items we sell we are simply an agent.
  2. We do our best to describe each item as it comes in, but we are an auction house not a retail store. It is up to you to satisfy yourself that an item is what you think it is. We post multiple pictures online, we put up dimensions, condition reports, and our best description, you also have up until auction day to enquire with further questions, seek further pictures, and the day prior to the auction to come and personally view the items you are interested in at our auction rooms. No Item is sold with a Guarantee or a Warranty.
  3. Registering to bid and winning items in an auction is a legally binding agreement, that’s why you have to tick you have read and agree to the terms & Conditions prior to getting a bid number.
  4. If you are successful in winning items in our auction we need payment within 48 hours after the sale, and collection within 5 days from the sales end. Any items not collected within this time frame, where the buyer has not emailed with a special exemption due to circumstances, may forfeit ownership of their items and we reserve the right to sell these items in a future sale to recoup storage fees.
  5. We are here to help in every way for our hundreds of loyal clients. Just email or text us any enquiries and we will always do what we can and what is fair for both you our buyers and our vendors. But just do not bid if you are not sure about completing your purchase, we only want happy winning bidders, and bidders that do not complete their purchases will be blocked by Invaluable from participating in future sales, and their non-payment status will be posted to all auction houses on the invaluable platform by Invaluable.